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Well Aware Mobile Water Testing Lab Fund for Domestic Disaster Relief

During our Hurricane Harvey Relief work, we found a great need for water quality awareness and availability of clean water to drink. Many communities still had standing water throughout their small town for two weeks after the storm hit. This stagnant, contaminated water makes its way into the ground water, and many of the wells were producing water full of chemicals and bacteria.


We now know that we have the team and the expertise to help with water concerns when and where we are needed next. We are putting together a mobile water testing lab so that we can assist with water testing and awareness where people are at a loss to know if what they are drinking will make them sick. And, because of DayOne, we can also provide filtration if their water is not potable.


Our new focus on domestic disaster relief will not distract from our work overseas. As a matter of fact, we see a stronger connection than ever before between the work we do there and the work we will now do here. Clean water is, and always will be, in every pocket of the world, the foundation for everything.

When you give to Well Aware, you transform lives. Every $15 provides clean water for life to one person.

With clean water, education rates improve, disease rates drop, economic activity increases, gender equality improves, and so much more. Your contributions create a ripple effect and make an indelible mark in the world. Thank you for helping us reach even more lives.

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